Facilities & Checklist

Ten Golden Rules of Stage Racing


• Always ride with your helmet on and properly fastened.
• Comply with traffic regulations.
• Ride on the left hand side of the road.
• Stay within sight of your team/partner at all times.
• Carry a first aid kit with you.
• Carry enough hydration liquid and nutrition for up to 45km of strenuous riding.
• Carry a cell phone – the emergency number will be printed behind your race number.
• Have respect for the environment and wildlife.
• Be cautious when approaching farming operations and transport vehicles.
• Be careful to follow the route markers, Marshals are provided to assist with safety.

Emergency and Medical Services

• ER 24 is our event partner, and you can be assured of their best attention at all times.
• Each of the stages will have rescue vehicles with a minimum of one Intermediate Life Support crew.
• An ambulance with fully trained crew and an Advanced Life Support Paramedic will be based on the closest accessible public road to the race to transport any injured riders to the nearest suitable medical facility.
• At the Start/Finish area a Medical Base will be available for riders to have minor injuries treated by a Doctor or relevant Paramedic or Physiotherapist staff for at least two hours after each stage finishes.
• Marshals will be situated at strategic points along the route to guide riders and assist with safety, especially at crossings or blind intersections. They will be identifiable by their Bibs.
• Officials will be positioned where riders have to cross public roads. They will endeavour to give riders right of way, but riders MUST OBEY THEIR EVERY COMMAND.
• In the absence of a marshal or traffic officer riders are to comply with all traffic regulations.

Route Marking for the Stage Race

• The Cradle Mountain Trophy route markers will consist of GREEN arrows on white background. If the arrow has been rotated or slipped from position, riders will still be able to determine the correct direction. If no route markers are present, carry straight on.
• We will also have the route mared with ornage/ pink da-glo stickers – to be announced at rider briefing.
• At strategic intersections some roads or tracks may also be taped off with red/white danger tape to prevent riders from taking the wrong road.

Stage Finishes

• All stages start and finish at Maropeng, The Cradle of Humankind.
• All marshals must be obeyed, and in their absence traffic regulations are to be obeyed.
• Riding recklessly or at high speed may result in an accident which may cost you a stage finish or the entire race - do not risk it!
• Race etiquette is the mark of a top rider. A few seconds can easily be caught up over the next stage.

Water and Food

• Riders are expected to carry sufficient water and nutrition for at least 45km.
• There will be adequate water points on the route where energy drinks and water will be available. There is also a water point at the finish.

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