Race Rules for Cyclists

The Rules and Regulations pertaining to The Cradle Mountain Trophy may change slightly in the weeks leading up to the race. The final version will be communicated at the race briefing at the start of each stage.

Mountain Bike racing is by nature self-reliant and often held in remote areas. All competitors must participate with an understanding and acceptance of this ethos.



Medical Condition

Number Collection

Race Briefings

Prize Giving & Award Ceremonies



Helmets & Riding Attire

Sound Equipment , Phones & Cameras

Compulsory Equipment

Although paramedic and medical services will be provided during the race and for a period after the completion of each stage, the self-reliant and remote nature of a mountain bike race requires that each rider carries the following items to be prepared to deal with emergencies they may experience:

Optional Recommended Equipment

The Race & Stages

The Start

Individual Results

The cut off for the stages are as follows:

Cut off times will be announced prior to the event. Any rider not able to make the start deadline must report to the Chief Commissaire 45 minutes before the start for permission to make a late start.

Rider Identification & Timing

Nutrition & Hydration

Seconding & Support



Ethical & Environmental Considerations

Traffic Regulations